Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun pictures!

Here are some random pictures that I wanted to remember. 
Hey, look Jarom is Mickey Mouse!

 Here is Dane talking with a small group of his soldiers!
 Devin's 2012 Fall Soccer team
 Here is one room of our house that is close to being picture worthy!  Here is Jarom's and Ammon's room from the door.
 Ammon's side of the room. I had to get a new crib for Ammom.  At Ft Benning, Dane cracked the side so we junked it.  I did have that last crib since Devin, so over 9 years old!  I was not ready to put Ammon into a toddler bed yet.  I enjoy the freedom of a crib!
 Here is Jarom's side
 I hardly ever have all 3 kids in the bath together, so I thought I would take a picture.  Devin might not like it when he gets older, but everything is covered :)
 Here are some pictures of Dane taking Command back in August.


Jodi said...

The boys are getting so big! I can hardly believe how grown up Devin looks. Seems like yesterday! Enjoy your fall, it's almost over!

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