Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun pictures!

Here are some random pictures that I wanted to remember. 
Hey, look Jarom is Mickey Mouse!

 Here is Dane talking with a small group of his soldiers!
 Devin's 2012 Fall Soccer team
 Here is one room of our house that is close to being picture worthy!  Here is Jarom's and Ammon's room from the door.
 Ammon's side of the room. I had to get a new crib for Ammom.  At Ft Benning, Dane cracked the side so we junked it.  I did have that last crib since Devin, so over 9 years old!  I was not ready to put Ammon into a toddler bed yet.  I enjoy the freedom of a crib!
 Here is Jarom's side
 I hardly ever have all 3 kids in the bath together, so I thought I would take a picture.  Devin might not like it when he gets older, but everything is covered :)
 Here are some pictures of Dane taking Command back in August.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Dane!

Finally reset my password, so I'm back on Blogger!
Dane went through the gas chamber with his basic training soldiers 5 TIMES!  He is working hard and never home, but as long as he does well, we will be happy.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Logan's wedding- July 6, 2012

Logan and Emily's wedding July 6, 2012 Utah (Dane's brother, one of many brothers)
All the boys except the groom with mom 
 All the Nichols clan holding the bride
 Coming out of the Temple
 Everyone waiting for them to come out of the Temple
 Family dinner the night before the wedding
 We had lots of food for dinner
 The groom wanting to help, what a sweet guy!
We had lot of fun in Utah with family and no kids. We were so happy we got to share this experience with Logan and the family.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jarom graduation of Preschool

May 23, 2012 Jarom had a little graduation at preschool.  He was not happy about wearing his hat, so all the picture have a frowning little boy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Family fun back in April 2012

I find it harder and harder to do the blog.  I think it is because I get stuck on the computer and I do not get anything else done.  Here are a few things we did a while ago.
We went to Westville, Historic town, they were doing sheep sheering!

 I highly recommend Disney On Ice!!!! All 3 boys were entertained for almost 2 hours.  I loved it!  A little piece of Disney here in GA. I am so doing this again next year when they come :)

 April was the month for Military kids, so there was lots of fun things on Post for the month.  They had a little zoo come out to base and jumpy houses.  Ammon went crazy on them.

My kids just LOVE animals.  I do not even want to tell you how many animals we have now.  I am trying to have more gentleness in our home through loving our animals.  I really think it is working.  Devin needs to learn more about others needs before himself.  Taking care of animals will hopefully help.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 Nichols Disney Vacation

We had lots of fun with Grandma Nichols and Carson. We were very busy and tired, but lots of memories!

I love this picture.. both Grandma's shooting on the Buzz ride :)

Disney water Park

I had to post this picture of Melody all of a sudden dancing. First time I witness this event. Blurry but proof!!!

MGM Studios

After we left Disney, we drove to Tallahassee FL to see more family and go to Spring Time Tallahassee parade and festival.

Ammon has started to love sun glasses, so I had to save the moment.

Easter Egg decorating fun.

Vacation over, now back to work :(